9 Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui (Print on canvas)

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  • A Feng Shui cures for prosperity to attract more wealth.
  • Beautiful home decor to impress friends and family.
  • 9 koi means wealth coming in from 9 directions of the wind to multiply wealth energies.

How to use these Feng Shui products?

  • Display your nine koi fish painting in the Southeast area of your living room.
  • Be happy and kind.

This is a PRINT painting, printed with a machine WITHOUT frame in canvas material.

Due to high demand please allow 20-30 business days shipping depends on your location. 

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9 koi fish painting

You can own 9 koi fish paintings of feng shui as beautiful home decor, and feng shui cures wealth.

Koi fish painting is one of the examples of Feng Shui products for your home.

Other homeowners would want to know where you bought this beautiful painting so they can too have this beautiful and meaningful piece.

The Benefits 9 Koi fish Painting Feng shui

The Feng shui benefits of koi fish painting are as follows:

  • May increase overall prosperity, income flow, and financial security
  • May improve career prospects, professional growth, and abundance.
  • May encourage greater productivity, motivation, and clarity in pursuing goals
  • May elevate your¬†mood from surrounding yourself with tranquil imagery
  • A visually pleasing art piece that infuses spaces with positive energy

If compared to keeping alive Koi fish in a pond, this 9 Koi Fish Feng Shui painting is more efficient, easy to maintain, and fits the purpose.

Koi fish pond is not for everybody, so as a beginner, this feng shui wall art is a good cure.

Feng Shui is also about the suitable cures for each individual.

It means that for some people, Koi fish ponds are expensive to build and maintain.

Artistic Styles for Capturing the Beauty of Koi

9 koi fish painting Feng shui comes in diverse artistic forms to suit varied aesthetic tastes.

ChineseStrong outlines, color washes, realistic or stylized
ContemporaryVivid colors, photorealism with acrylics or oils
AbstractFlowing shapes and brushwork convey essence
ImpressionisticSplashes of water in impressionistic colors

Whatever the style, skilled artisans capture the energy, fluidity, color, and wisdom of Koi fish using elegant compositions.

Fine details of koi fish painting techniques in the scales, fins, and flowing water create a sense of tranquility and movement.

9 Koi fish painting Feng shui for the office.

9 Koi Fish Painting Feng Shui

Your office deserves beautiful decor as much as your living room.

If you have a home office it would be paramount to hang this beautiful but meaningful painting.

The purpose is to attract more abundance/wealth into your office/business.

Hang this koi fish wall art feng shui on South East side of your office proudly, it’s beautiful and a conversation piece.

Artworks also can impact productivity in the workplace.


Printed Painting Size:20cmx60cm (Without frame)

30cmx90cm (Without frame)

40cmx120cm (Without frame)

50cmx150cm (Without frame)

60cmx180cm (Without frame)

Total Canvas Size:We leave extra 5 cm each side of each panel for framing , for example painting size 40x60cm , the total canvas size is : (5+40+5) x (5+60+5) = 50x70cm
Materials :waterproof polyester canvas and pigment ink
Processing time :1 to 3 days after you confirm the payment

9 Koi fish painting Feng Shui Meaning

koi fish painting feng shui

The 9 koi fish painting Feng shui means wealth coming from all nine different directions into your house.

The feng shui fish number meaning is as significant as the image itself.

Koi fish colors and meaning: eight red koi fish painting means abundance and one black koi to prevent bad luck.

This beautiful Chinese koi fish painting is actually painted with Japanese art style with vanity cherry blossoms.

Therefore, those without feng shui knowledge will highly appreciate it as a beautiful wall art decor.

Koi fish is considered special because of their coloring and lineage.

Thus, there are many competitions for Koi fish to name the top koi.

The word Koi means carp in Japanese.

Thus, feng shui elements in koi fish painting are also important.

In Feng Shui, the koi fish color meaning plays important principles, red/gold for wealth and black to avoid bad energy/luck.

Koi FishAspiration, Success, Prosperity
Swimming KoiActivating Flow of Chi

9 Koi fish painting Feng shui in Chinese culture.

Koi fish in general considered a symbol of strength, perseverance, love, bravery, and dedication.

This was drawn from the legend of koi fish and the waterfall.

In the legend, koi fishes swim in the Yellow river and make the river glitter like the river of gold.

Koi fishes try to jump to pass the waterfall upstream of the river.

Their effort and perseverance after many failed attempts were highly appreciated.

One koi finally succeeded and was considered transformed to a dragon, the eternal being in the Chinese culture.

9 Koi fish painting Feng shui in Japanese culture.

Koi fish is considered a persona for samurai warriors.

Their bravery and perseverance in jumping to pass the waterfall are similar to the samurai warrior.

If caught koi will not wiggle to try to escape.

These are similar to the principle of samurai warriors’ honors, if caught they will not fight and yield defeat.

9 Koi fish painting feng shui placement

9 koi fish painting feng shui

Feng shui rules for koi fish painting:

  • 9 koi fish painting feng shui is best displayed in living room or business establishments.
  • Place 9 koi fish painting feng shui in the South East or North area of your living room or business.
  • 9 koi fish painting Feng shui is NOT to be displayed in the bedroom because of its water elements.
  • 9 koi fish painting feng shui is beautiful wall d√©cor and a great feng shui wealth cure.
  • 9 koi fish painting Feng shui also are NOT to be displayed in the bathroom.
  • Do not forget to cleanse your painting under sunrays or moonlight with your intention.
Wealth AreaAmplify prosperity
EntranceGreet with uplifting energy
Living RoomInspire harmony and balance
OfficePromote motivation and clarity

How to cleanse:

  1. Spread the painting under moonlight or sunrays but protected from rain for at least 12 hours.
  2. During the installation process repeat your intention in displaying this painting.
  3. Do not forget to clean your house and give alms.

Clean the painting from dust every year 1 month to 2 weeks before the Chinese new year.

General Feng shui tips. 

One of the essential feng shui principles is to be kind and generous, pay it forward. Simultaneously, a clean and organized house is a must.

We believe these first two steps are a requirement before implementing Feng Shui measures.

Select Feng Shui products that you feel a connection to. If you have any questions about the purchase process or feng shui in general, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please include gender, date of birth, and what type of settlement you are in (house, apartment, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions for 9 koi fish painting Feng shui.

What does the 9 koi fish painting Feng shui mean?

In feng shui, the number nine is considered a powerful symbol of completion, longevity, and abundance.

Koi fish are also highly regarded in feng shui, representing good fortune, prosperity, and harmony.

Therefore, a 9 koi fish painting is considered a very auspicious symbol that can attract wealth, good luck, and positive energy into your home.

How many koi fish is good feng shui?

While a 9 (8 red and 1 black koi fish) painting is considered the most auspicious, other numbers of koi fish can also bring positive energy. Here’s a breakdown of the koi fish symbolism in feng shui with different numbers of koi fish:

Number of Koi FishSymbolism
Nine Koi FishCompletion, longevity, abundance
Eight Koi FishProsperity, wealth
Six Koi FishHarmony, balance
Seven Koi FishKnowledge, wisdom
Five Koi FishStrength, power
Three Koi FishCreativity, inspiration
Two Koi FishHarmony, love
One Koi FishIndependence, self-reliance


Ultimately, the best number of koi fish for you depends on your personal intentions and aspirations.

What is the lucky number of koi fish in a painting?

The number nine is considered the luckiest number of koi fish in feng shui, symbolizing completion, longevity, and abundance. However, other numbers can also bring positive energy.

Choose a number that resonates with your personal goals and intentions.

Where should 9 koi painting Feng shui be placed?

Feng shui placement of koi fish painting in your home is in an area where you want to attract positive energy, such as the living room, dining room, or office.

You can also hang a koi fish painting in study room.

Here are some specific feng shui guidelines for placing koi fish paintings:

  • Living room: Place the painting in the wealth corner, which is the southeast corner of the room.

  • Dining room: Place the painting near the dining table to symbolize abundance and nourishment.

  • Office: Place the painting in the career corner, which is the north corner of the room.

  • Bedroom: Place the painting above the bedhead to promote harmony and balance in your relationships.

Avoid placing koi fish paintings in the bathroom, kitchen, or garage, as these areas are considered to have lower energy levels.

  • What’s in the package?

Package included:

1 x Koi Fish Painting print in Canvas on a tube.

  • When will I receive my items?¬†

2-8 weeks depends on your location, excluding the 1-5 days processing.

  • Where do you ship 9 koi fish painting?

United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe (Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherland, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey)

  • What about the custom fee?¬†

Please check your designated country custom regulation because the cost incurred will be your responsibility.


  • Please allow 1-5mm errors due to manual measurement.
  • Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated the same.

Shipping and refund: 

  • Please note, due to the high demand for this product, shipping may require 2-8 weeks, excluding our 1-5 days processing.¬†
  • Actual colors may vary; this is because every computer monitor has a different capability to display colors and everyone sees these colors differently.
  • ¬†Full and easy refund if you did not receive your items.
  • If you received the wrong items please contact us for a resend.
  • If you received defective items, you may request a full refund by returning the items at your expense and contacting us beforehand for a refund address.
  • OR you may receive a partial refund with a proven image of defective items without returning the items.



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