Crystal Globe Feng Shui

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These Feng Shui products will attract positive energy for: 

  • It will ease the process for a businessman looking to expand globally.
  • Students requesting more scholastic luck in school or college.
  • Businessman looking to expand business globally
  • Writer looking for inspiration.
  • Scientist looking for a breakthrough in their research.

How does it work?

You must apply these Feng Shui principles to ensure your Feng Shui products bring the best result.

  1. Clean your house and decluttered.
  2. Be kind to others and give alms (donate your clothes or even a smile to a stranger).
  3. Don’t forget to work smart for your money.

How to use these Crystal Globe Feng Shui?

  1. Place this globe crystal in the west area of your living room.
  2. Or place one in your bedroom nightstand.
  3. Clean it from dust frequently.
  4. Replace it immediately if broken.
  5. Study smart!
  6. Be happy and kind.

Please note that due to high demand shipping may require 10-30 days, excluding our 1-5 days processing.

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6 CM
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