Long Leather Wallet – Unisex Feng Shui Wallet


Do you need a personally curated wallet to boost your wealth?

This is the best Feng Shui products personally curated for you. This unisex long leather wallet was selected with Feng Shui principles and in combination with Feng Shui Chinese Coins is a good start to your Feng Shui journey. Only buy this combination if you want to feel the Feng Shui transformation.

How does it work?

You must apply these Feng Shui principles to ensure your Feng Shui products bring the best result.

  1. Clean your house and decluttered.
  2. Be kind to others and give alms (donate your clothes, etc).
  3. Don’t forget to work smart for your money.

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Coffee-9Vintage Yellow-8
Vintage Yellow-8
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