Feng Shui 5 Elements Pagoda


Benefits of 5 Elements Pagoda:
  • This Pagoda will give full protection to your house.
  • This pagoda will ensure a better result for other Feng Shui charms.
  • Ward of the annual 5 Yellow Star of Misfortune (place in Southwest area of your house for 2019)
How does it work?

You must apply these Feng Shui principles to ensure your Chinese coins 100 bring the best result.

  • Clean your house and decluttered.
  • Be kind to others and give alms (donate your clothes).
  • Don’t forget to work smart for your money.
How to use it (5 Elements Pagoda placement)?
  • Open the bottom of the pagoda with a screwdriver.
  • Place soil/dirt from your house into the pagoda.
  • Place crystal sphere or any private valuables.
  • 5 element pagoda 2019 placement is the southwest area based on the Flying Star.
  • Be happy and kind.

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