Feng Shui Coins At the Front Door for Wealth (10 Coins)


Do you need a cure for wealth? 

This tassel is one of the best Feng Shui products personally curated for you. This tassel is auspicious when combined with other Feng Shui principles such as cleaning your house, be kind to others and give alms. Only buy this if you want to start a financial freedom journey.

How does it work?

You must apply these Feng Shui principles to ensure your Feng Shui products bring the best result.

  1. Clean your house and decluttered.
  2. Be kind to others and give alms (donate your clothes or even a smile to a stranger).
  3. Don’t forget to work smart for your money.

How to use this Feng Shui product?

  1. Hang this tassel above your main door, please make sure it is not in the way when you are opening/closing the door.
  2. Or hang this tassel in your car’s visor.
  3. Or hang this tassel in the southeast corner of your living room.
  4. Be happy and kind.

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